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Our founds for the Season's cards have been donated to provide didactic requisites and subvention of holidays for children with disabilities and special needs.

Sredstva za novoletne voščilnice smo darovali Zavodu za usposabljanje Janeza Levca za nakup didaktičnih sredstev in subvencioniranje šole v naravi za otroke z motnjami v duševnem razvoju. Če se želite pridružiti, lahko svoj prispevek nakažete na TTR: SI56 0126 1603 0264 379.

Projects: CPS (integrated transport strategy) of the municipality of Logatec,
(author of illustrations: Vid Sark),
Variant preposition for the area AC Pentlja, Ljubljana,
Residential neighbourhood Med češnjami in Črnuče,
Variant preposition for the area Remiza LPP, Ljubljana

Projekti: Celostna prometna strategija (CPS) Občine Logatec,
(avtor ilustracij: Vid Sark),
Variantna rešitev za območje AC Pentlja, Ljubljana,
Stanovanjska soseska Med češnjami v Črnučah,
Variantna rešitev za območje Remize LPP, Ljubljana

On 2nd and 3rd March there was the KickOff Meeting for the Water4Cities project in Brussels. The partners are comming from the Bangor University in UK, the University of Thessaly and two private companies SingularLogic (Project Manager) and Deyask from Greece and a private company Iquadrat from Spain. From Slovenia LUZ, d.d. and Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) are the partners. On the Fiday KickOff Meeting the Project Officer from European Commission was presented.

LUZ is a partner in the EU Horizon 2020 funded project Water4Cities (Holistic Surface Water and Groundwater Management for Sustainable Cities). The project includes 8 partners from research institutions and the economy. The project involves partners from Slovenia, Spain, Greece, UK and partner organization from the USA.

On October 11th the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is going to host an international expert meeting »Outdoor play / Igra u otvorenom prostoru«. The conference is organised by Croatian Society of Landscape Architects which invited three landscape architects from our company: Mrs. Urška Kranjc, Mrs. Petra Vertelj Nared and Mrs. Maja Simoneti, to share experience about the pespectives of childreen needs in urban planning and design and about experiences with paritcipatory design of playgrounds.