Recreational Portal “Gremo na pot”




January, 2013

Project leader

Roberto Degan, Darko Tanko

Project group

Anita Gregorc, Matej Mišvelj, Martin Flajs, Rok Bajec

Project location

Ljubljanska urbana regija (LUR)

Assignment type

Spletni portal


The Recreational Portal “Gremo na pot” basically consists of routes data for walking, cycling and cross-country routes where each route is accurately described with extensive text in the form of a "story" with photos of landmarks along the way. The description presents the main cultural, historical and natural attractions along the trails, and description of the terrain and other things that goes with it.

In addition to the display of the selected route on the map, the portal also offers a view of the longitudinal profile of the route itself, which is so constructed that shows not only the course of the route, but also the slopes (ascent and descent) per category of complexity and the type of substrate. By moving the cursor around the profile of the map allows the user a detailed overview of the individual sections.

All roads and markings on roads are geocoded (the points are added to the geographical coordinates to determine the location of points in space).

Advanced users who use GPS devices can transfer data to their computer (a set of coordinate points, which form a path) from where the transfer is allowed to GPS device. Downloaded files are in the standard GPX format.