Professional bases for the development of water resources in the basin of the river Mislinja


TC Vode, d.o.o. Ljubljana za MO Slovenj Gradec, Občina Mislinja, Občina Dravograd


June, 2014

Project leader

Lidija Globevnik, TC Vode, d.o.o.

Project group

TC Vode, d.o.o., Zavod Umbra, LUZ, d.d., VGP Drava Ptuj, Inštitut za ekologijo; IEI Maribor

Project location

Povodje reke Mislinje

Assignment type

Strokovne podlage

Year of start of the project


Role of LUZ on the project

Maja Simoneti, ekspert za prostorsko načrtovanje in vključevanje javnosti

The project is a result of a unique attempt of three municipalities in the catchment area of the Mislinja river to strategically harmonize the development programme with respect to a common water source. The project challenge was to combine the flood protection and nature protection measures with existing and new development programmes through a collaborative working process. The project team opened the working process for involvement of diverse set of stakeholders from the inventory phase on. In this manner interdisciplinary team of professionals carried out four working steps: analysis of conditions, definition of remedial measures, valorisation of proposed programmes and identification of new programmes in close collaboration with interested stakeholders. This way the stakeholders contributed data and were informed about new circumstances and other perspectives of development.


The analysis address the situation in aquatic and riparian area, methods of regulation and water use, state-specific animal species and reveals a functional and environmental disadvantages: the system of flood risk management, exploiting the energy potential and regulate water and waterside space and ascertains that development of new aquatic and riparian organization and activity gets worse, if the situation is not properly sanitized.


Proposed rehabilitation measures:

- the possibility of spilling of water (dry and wet reservoirs, widening of the channel);

- deepening of the riverbed to ensure ecologically acceptable flow rates;

- remediation scheme to improve the living conditions of the animals;

- environmentally acceptable planting and maintenance of riparian vegetation;

- more rigorous control of water abstraction for energy recovery (intensified surveillance).

- integral remedial measures such as reservoirs / pools.


LUZ, d.d. collaborated in the project on invitation of the lead partner TC Vode with expert knowledge about planning and management processes of stakeholder involvement in development projects. A skilled spatial planner and landscape architect was involved in project team to do so.