Environmental assessment for municipal spatial plan of Idrija


Občina Idrija


January, 2011

Project leader

Karla Jankovič

Project group

Petra Vertelj Nared, Bojana Bajželj, Irena Balantič, Katja Fak, Marko Fatur

Project location

Občina Idrija

Assignment type

Okoljsko poročilo za OPN

Year of start of the project


External collaborators

Aquarius, d.o.o., Janez Rupreht, Aleš Mlakar s.p.

Environmental assessment for Idrija was made simultaneously with municipal spatial plan Idrija. The aim was to optimize and verify the solutions in the municipal spatial plan, as LUZ, d.d. was the producer of both documents. Environmental assessment addresses the entire space of the municipality and follow the legal framework. The environmental assessment is to determine the effects of planned development on the environment and to the human. It addresses following themes: environment conservation, the protection of human health, protection of cultural heritage, protection of the potentials for the use and development potential, social environment.