International projects

We are actively involved in international activities. We actively cooperate with complementary partners on research and innovation and demonstration projects, both at national and European and international levels in areas related to spatial management  (Kras-Carso, Vital Landscapes), risk management, (RISKGIS, RMTHS), water management (Conference and interactive workshops 'H2OLLAND - Living with Water') and the development of smart communities.

We also cooperate on international and other projects outside Slovenia with projects related to our core activities. We produce a variety of professional bases (AdriaMOVE IT!), project documentation (Arrangement of the adventurous bike route on Bornholm Island, Denmark) and spatial information systems (DIVAKUP,   DEFISHGEAR).

LUZ d.d. is a founding member of the TERIS Grouping, which is intended to increase territorial cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia and to provide professional assistance in forming new project proposals.