Architecture as a professional design activity has been present in our company since 1991. It is because of this kind of longevity, that we are able to support our clients in different areas: from residential, commercial, sports to industrial buildings.

Our work is based on four basic concepts:

- creativity

- integral design approach

- credibility

- fulfillment of client's wishes

We ensure full professionalism and transparency in managing design procedures. Our goal is to create inclusive architecture that promotes a sense of community, exceeds clients’ and fulfills users’ expectations. We provide attractive and functionally thoughtful architectural designs that create spaces in accordance with the principles of economic, social and environmental acceptable development that is a pleasure to live in.

We are aware of the fact, that the Building Information Modelling is a step towards a more efficient way of designing, executing and managing investments. That’s why is BIM integrated in all of the group's design and engineering processes.