WEPS - Application for evidence of traffic signalization


Ministrstvo za infrastrukturo in prostor, Direkcija RS za ceste


January, 2014

Project leader

Roberto Degan

Project group

Anita Gregorc, Matej Mišvelj, Martin Flajs, Rok Bajec

Project location


Assignment type

Spletna GIS aplikacija

Year of start of the project


This web-based application enables the keeping of road signs and road surface markings cadaster directly through the internet. Attribute as well as spatial data for each element of traffic signs are being monitored. Several competent authorities can use the application (service for planning, subcontractors, controllers, etc.). The application enables tracking of all phases: planning, installation and the actual realization and subsequent maintenance.

The application also enables the maintenance and display of historical data, attaching images and documents, performance of analyses and preparation of different reports, which also include the actual graphic image of every element in space.