Under the limes in Mengeš


LIN nepremičnine d.o.o.


June, 2014

Project leader

Marko Kogovšek, dr. Jure Zavrtanik

Project location

Assignment type



Sergej Hiti, Matjaž Grabljevec

The new residential neighbourhood ''Under the limes in Mengeš'' is a part of a larger area Mali Mengeš, located next to the city center. It's location and urbanistic scheme allow easy access to all social, cultural, administrative and commercial programs. On the other side the site offers direct access to surrounding green areas. The design of the neighbourhood also includes a children’s playground.


The neighbourhood is designed as a linear development of single family houses of different typologies: single-family detached houses, semi-detached houses and atrium houses. All units include a covered parking area in the front and a lush garden on the other side. Type 'A' houses have a parking space in a garage which is a part of the house. All units have two levels with single or double pitched roofs.

A development of 46 single-family homes with different typologies and sizes:

8 types A          linear atrium houses

14 types B        semi-detached house

18 types C        semi-detached house

1 type D           single-family detached house

5 type E            single-family detached house

The new neighbourhood road is designed as a two-lane tree-lined road with parallel parking for visitors. The new road connects the neighbourhood with the exisiting road network and is the main pathway to the urban center and the surrounding green areas.

Houses are designed with a rational construction which enables a flexible interior layout. A rational and well insulated volume of the house façade combined with well insulated windows classifies the houses as low-energy or even pasive standard buildings. The façades are designed as a combinaton of white render and wooden cladding.