Traffic study and sustainable mobility plan for the town of Dubrovnik


Mesto Dubrovnik


November, 2013

Project leader

Tomaž Blaž

Project group

Klemen Milovanović, Janja Solomun, Ivan Dadić (FPZ Zagreb), Marko Šoštarić (FPZ Zagreb), Marco Mazzarino (IUAV Venezia), Ivo Kejžar (Ipsum Domžale)

Project location

Dubrovnik, Hrvaška

Official project title

Traffic study and sustainable mobility plan for the town of Dubrovnik

Assignment type

prometna študija, načrt trajnostne mobilnosti


4.200 ha

Year of start of the project


Role of LUZ on the project

vodenje naloge, načrt trajnostne mobilnosti


Fakultet prometnih znanosti Zagreb, Universita IUAV Venezia, Ipsum Domžale


Co-funded by the European Union, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance


In the framework of the European project Adria.MOVE IT! , we have developed a traffic study and plans of sustainable urban mobility in city of Dubrovnik. The specificity of the traffic problems in the city is a very high pressure of cruising tourist to the old town and because of that traffic congestion. The solution of these problems is construction of a pedestrian tunnel with a conveyor belt, changes in public bus system, development of urban public transport by sea, changes of driving direction on some streets, development of park + ride system, reconstruction of infrastructure in order to enable more space for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. Besides that, other, soft approaches are proposed, such as different organizational measures and promotion of sustainable forms of transport.