Residential area »Med češnjami v Črnučah«


LIN nepremičnine d.o.o.


December, 2016

Project leader

Marko Kogovšek

Project group

Jure Zavrtanik, Mohor Kordež, Gregor Bucik, Sergej Hiti (landscape architecture)

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The new residential area „Med češnjami v Črnučah“ is part of Črnuče urban district in proximity of Ljubljana. The location allows easy access to both city traffic connections as well as social-commercial programs as it is directly linked to a overhead walkway which on one hand connects to city center, bus and train stations, while on the other it offers direct access to the green surrounding areas.

The neighbourhood is designed as a repetition of seven similar volumes, so that the building masses preserve the ventilating wind flows of the wider area, as well as they respect the needs of good insolation of apartments inside. The buildings are on the ground level connected with a continuous car-free common space which includes a mix of paths, green areas and playgrounds.


Parking spaces are partially designed on the north side of the development, attached to the main acces road. The main proportion of parking spaces is then arranged on the lower ground floor.

All buildings are designed as residential containing from 20 to 26 units (apartments). The design of the buildings is uniform for the whole area, varying in window and door openings dimension and rhythm of balconies and terraces