Programme of supplying services to construction land plots for the Municipality of Kranj


Mestna občina Kranj


January, 2014

Project leader

Špela Ložar

Project group

Marko Fatur, Tjaša Remic, Primož Smerkolj, Lidija Kmet

Project location

Mestna občina Kranj

Assignment type

Program opremljanja


148 km2

In the context of supplying services to construction land plots we are preparing programmes of supplying services for various municipalities. One of the latest programme of supplying services is carried out for the Municipality of Kranj.

Municipality of Kranj has been in recent years as part of the project Gorki intensively equipping building land with water supply and sewerage network, which required the preparation of municipal decree on land development fee. As a part of the preparation of this task related data were collected and displayed graphically on maps, with information on all utilities in the municipal area (roads and related facilities, water supply and sewage network, facilities for waste management and other public areas). Cost of construction of communal equipment was then estimated. Based on the analysis of the provisions of the current local spatial act and data from the real estate register area of building land and the net floor area of the buildings in the municipality was estimated. Certain areas have been defined to provide cost analysis utility equipment of the plot m2 and net floor area m2 of and a number of other calculation and conditions of assessment for municipal building land development fee. Beside programmne of supplying services the local decree, decree explanation and presentation materials for the session of the municipal council were prepared.