Parking centre P+R (park and ride) on Barjanska cesta at the motorway junction Ljubljana – center


Mestna občina Ljubljana, Mestna uprava, Služba za razvojne projekte in investicije in Mestna občina Ljubljana, Mestna uprava, Oddelek za gospodarske dejavnosti in promet


December, 2015

Project leader

Uršula Longar

Project group

Sergej Hiti, Miha Miklavčič

Project location

Ljubljana, Barjanska cesta

Assignment type


Investment value



16500 m2

Year of start of the project


Role of LUZ on the project

vodenje izdelave projektne in tehnične dokumentacije, izdelava vodilne mape, izdelava posameznih načrtov


Marjan Lenarčič, Tomaž Blaž, Klemen Milovanovič, Ernest Sotlar, Bernarda Bevc Šekoranja, Simona Čeh, Andraž Tomc, Vito Križman, Monika Rudolf, Iztok Lampelj, Matej Hašaj, Jana Škrbina, Gašper Kokalj – Hidroprojekt d.o.o., Elizabeta Peklaj – Hidroprojekt d.o.o.

External collaborators

SLP d.o.o., Inštitut za ceste raziskovanje in razvoj d.o.o., PIRING Vojko Pirjevec S.P., Hidroprojekt d.o.o., Novera projekt d.o.o., IZVO-R, projektiranje in inženiring d.o.o., JP LPT d.o.o.

The city of Ljubljana is establishing a network of parking centres P+R as a part of measures concerning the reduction of the number of vehicles using the city’s road network.  One of the suitable locations for such parking area is at the southern end of Barjanska cesta which is located at the junction between the national and city road network. The parking centre is meant for parking of vehicles and ensuring all the required facilities for passengers coming to Ljubljana from the regions of Dolenjska and Primorska.

After a series of geological and hydrological investigations concerning features of the selected area and in accordance with the requirement that the parking area be put into use as soon as possible it was decided to build a system of vibrated reinforced concrete columns (VVC – System Keller), install a concrete slab on the columns and construct a road surface including all installations.

The parking area is divided into northern, central and southern part. Most of the parking spaces are located in the southern area. The central part includes a city public transport terminal where two buses can stop at the same time, a parking area for bicycles with a bicycle lane connecting to the existing cycling path along the Barjanska cesta as well as stations for charging electric vehicles. The northern part provides for a connection to the crossroad at  Barjanska cesta and includes parking spaces for private cars.

One hundred new trees are planted at the parking area in order to provide shade for the vehicles and contribute towards better microclimate. There are benches for passengers at the bus stop and along the bicycle parking area. Three machines “urbanomat” have also been installed for purchasing bus tickets and parking permits and for renting bicycles BICIK(LJ).

The total number of parking spaces available for private cars is 347 of which 17 are intended for the disabled; in addition, four electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously. On the surfaces designated for the use of cyclist there are parking spaces for 176 bicycles and one BICIK(LJ) station for 20 bicycles.