OPPN 236 Litostroj - del (Sintal)


Sintal d.o.o.


September, 2016

Project leader

Ferdo Jordan

Project group

Ferdo Jordan, Nina Bizjak Komatar, Marko Kogovšek, Janja Solomun, Jakob Klemenčič, Tomaž Blaž, Ernest Sotlar, Marko Fatur, Špela Ložar, Simona Čeh, Alenka Iglič

Project location

Assignment type



1,11 ha

Uradni list RS, št. 55/2016, Odlok o občinskem podrobnem prostorskem načrtu 236 Litostroj – del (!/Odlok-o-obcinskem-podrob...)

The area of Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan (OPPN) lies in Ljubljana`s town part Šiška, in the most southwestern part of the former production complex Litostroj, at the intersection of Litostrojska road and the railway line Ljubljana - Jesenice. Intended land use is central activities without housing.


The purpose of the plan is placement of additional capacities of business premises, to improve urban planning and architectural design and to improve the organisation of parking. In the area 3 buildings of the Sintal company are already located. The following interventions are planned: addition of another storey to the existing buildings B, construction of a new office building C at the site of the service facility D and the connection of buildings to each other.


Interventions in the area are designed in stages due to:

-      Traffic arrangements around the perimeter of the area and accesses to the area depending on the traffic arrangements,

-      Time-related needs of the investor, which are changing (first the need for more service areas and the conservation of the service facility, and later the need for expansion in the business area - the construction of building C).


In stage 1 the building A (2-storey administrative-commercial building with a shop and restaurant) and the building D (2-storey service building) are preserved. To the building B (2-storey service-office building with a gym) another storey is added. Buildings A and B are connected with a bridge.

In stages 2/3, the construction of a building C (13-storey administrative-office building) is planned. Building C is the spatial focus in the area, it is contemporary in design. Along the entire western facade there is a canopy above the ground floor.


There is an existing basement level under parts of the ground floor levels and in the area between buildings A and B with import ramp access from the south side. Building C has two underground parking floors, which extend to the west and south side of the planned building, where there is also an additional exit from the basement.


The concept of open and green spaces adapts to the existing buildings and complements Spatial concept of the plan. Buildings are connected by an access path, along which are parking spaces. Between buildings A and C unified paved surface - market must be arranged in phase 2/3. Green areas are planned along the edges of the area on the natural ground. The larger green area with the existing trees and the restaurant garden along the western side of the building A is preserved.

On the green surfaces additional plantings of tall trees and shrubs are planned.


In stages 1 and 2 the area is accessible from Litostrojska road on the west side and from the local transport network of Litostroj area in the southeast side. In stage 3 access road shall be arranged from the new road along the railroad, whereas an access to Litostrojska road will be canceled due to a planned deepening of this.