OPPN 115 Dunajska – Vodovodna del (OPPN Krka)


Krka, d.d., Novo Mesto


March, 2016

Project leader

Ferdo Jordan

Project group

Janja Solomun, Jakob Klemenčič, Katarina Konda, Marko Fatur, Tjaša Remic, Tomaž Blaž, Klemen Milovanović, Simona Čeh, Alenka Iglič

Project location

Ljubljana, Bežigrad

Assignment type


Year of start of the project


Role of LUZ on the project

izdelava OPPN

The urban plan of the area deals with the area as a meeting point of different urban tissues and at the same time as the completion of the wider city part between Samova and Dunajska streets.

There are 4 new buildings planned in the area inside an open urban block bounded by Dunajska cesta, Samova cesta and Vodovodna ulica.


Planning zone is divided into six spatial units according to the intended programmes. Spatial units PE1 and PE2 are intended for the construction of office buildings with associated arrangements, while in the spatial unit PE3 the existing residential building with associated arrangements is preserved. Spatial units C1, C2 and C3 are intended for public traffic areas. Parking spaces for new buildings are predominantly arranged in the basement floors.


In the area of the urban plan a park - an inner atrium is planned among the buildings.

The concept of open spaces defines a park as a mix of green areas on natural grounds, paved surfaces and high vegetation. The vegetation of larger dimensions significantly contributes to creating a favorable microclimate, the quality of open spaces, views from buildings and the introduction of natural elements in built-up space.