Nature Conservation Atlas (NATURA 2000)


Zavod Republike Slovenije za varstvo narave


January, 2013

Project leader

Roberto Degan

Project group

Anita Gregorc, Matej Mišvelj, Martin Flajs, Rok Bajec

Project location


Assignment type

Spletni GIS pregledovalnik

Year of start of the project


The Nature Conservation Atlas of Slovenia is a complex GIS system, which includes national protected areas, Natura 2000 areas, ecologically important areas and natural values. It is composed of a public section, which is intended for general public, and of an internal section, which is being used by individual experts and expert institutions. The building of the system went through all implementation phases: from complete redesign of the database to the final web user interface, with the help of which the authorized maintenance staff enter and correct data and various target groups can use these contents for their needs. The different level access is included as well. The public variant of the Nature Conservation Atlas can be viewed at or via the official website of the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation: