Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan (OPPN) 386 Business zone Litostroj


Porsche Slovenija d.o.o.


February, 2016

Project leader

Janja Solomun

Project group

Janja Solomun, Nina Bizjak Komatar, Marko Fatur, Tjaša Remic, Tomaž Blaž, Klemen Milovanović, Simona Čeh, Alenka Iglič, Vito Križman

Project location

Ljubljana, Šiška

Assignment type



1,8 ha

Role of LUZ on the project

izdelava OPPN

The area of Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan lies in the northeast corner of the former Litostroj industrial zone Šiška. Intended land use is central activities without housing. Spatial concept of the plan is based on the selected most suitable location solution and includes five buildings with commercial-business-service program and its associated arrangements. It complements the existing buildings and programs on the opposite side of the Verovškova street. Buildings A1, B and C, which are intended for car dealership, are arranged so as to form a single building line on the Verovškova street. Building A2 (mechanical workshop) is linked to the west side of the building A1. Buildings D1, D2 and E are located in the southwestern part of the area. They are intended for the sale of used vehicles, ecological island and garage. The estimated height of buildings is from 7,00 to 8,50 m. Facades of buildings must be designed with high quality durable and modern materials (steel, aluminum, glass) and with the principles of energy-saving construction.

The concept of open and green spaces complements Spatial concept of the plan. Green areas are located mainly in western and southern areas of the plan. All are arranged on natural ground. Green roofs are planned on buildings with flat roofs. Trees in the existing Promenade at Verovškova street are preserved. Planting of additional tall trees and shrubs is planned. Most parking spaces should be arranged under the canopy roofs because of the requirement of seepage of rainwater into the ground. The area is accessible via three connections with Verovškova street and Litostrojska road.

Due to the new construction, existing primary water distribution system, which extends from the water plant Kleče, will be relocated westward of the area. New transformer station is planned.